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Here you will find various popular accommodation options depending on your destination and taste, above all suite your needs.


Expedia is a popular online travel agency and booking platform that allows users to search for and book a wide range of travel services, including flights, hotels, rental cars, vacation packages, cruises, and activities. It's one of the largest and well-known platforms in the travel industry, providing travelers with a one-stop destination to plan and book various aspects of their trip.


Agoda is another popular online travel agency and booking platform that specializes in providing a wide range of travel-related services, primarily focusing on hotel accommodations. Similar to other online travel agencies, Agoda allows travelers to search for and book hotels, flights, airport transfers, vacation rentals, and other travel services.


Airbnb is a widely recognized online platform that facilitates short-term lodging rentals and unique travel experiences. Founded in 2008, Airbnb allows hosts to list their properties, whether it's a spare room, an entire apartment, a vacation home, or even unique accommodations like treehouses or yurts. Travelers can then browse these listings and book accommodations for their trips.


TripAdvisor is a well-known online travel platform that provides a range of services and features for travelers to plan, research, and book various aspects of their trips. Founded in 2000, TripAdvisor offers reviews, recommendations, and information about hotels, restaurants, attractions, and other travel-related businesses.

Types of Accommodation Rentals

There are various types of accommodation rentals available to travelers and individuals looking for temporary housing. These rental options can vary in terms of size, amenities, and duration of stay. Here are some common types of accommodation rentals:


Why Book Accommodation Ahead?

Booking accommodation ahead of time is often a requirement or a strongly recommended step during the visa application process for several reasons: